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    A Complete Line of Professional Products for Your Access Control Needs
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We have it all with our complete line of Liftmaster professional products for all your garage and home access control needs:

| Residential Garage Door Openers | Commercial Door Operators |
| Gate Operators and Accessories | Access Control Systems and Accessories |
| Wireless Portable Intercoms |

  • Residential Garage Door Openers
    • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers
      LiftMaster belt drive systems offer the ultimate in quiet operation. Each delivers smooth-running power and reliable performance year after year. They are the perfect choice for homes with living space above or next to the garage.

    • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers
      Our screw drive openers are specially engineered to run smoothly and quietly, even in extreme temperatures. They deliver superior performance, no matter what climate you live in.

    • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
      Many garage door openers sold today are chain driven, and LiftMaster offers the widest variety of chain drive garage door openers available on the market. They are durable, reliable, and offer lasting performance.

    • Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Openers
      The LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Opener mounts on the wall beside the garage door, freeing up ceiling space, and is available with an optional power standby system that continues working even when the power goes out.

  • Commercial Door Operators
    • Trolley Operators
      Trolley operators are typically used for standard lift sectional doors, and are available in light, medium, and industrial-duty.

    • Hoist Operators
      Hoist operators are designed for use on rolling doors and grilles, as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.

    • Fire Door Release Device Systems
      LiftMaster® Fire Door Systems control the closure of a rolling fire door, counter fire door, fire shutter, or track door in an emergency situation, and stop the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another.

    • Jackshaft Operators
      Jackshaft operators are designed for use on rolling grilles and shutters, as well as rolling doors. Some operators are also designed for use on industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.

    • Slide Operators
      Sliding door operators are designed for use on single and bi-parting slide doors and fire doors.

  • Gate Operators and Accessories
    • Slide Gate Operators
      Slide operators are used when there is limited space behind a secured facility, so the gate must run parallel to a fence or wall.

    • Barrier Gate Operators
      Barrier operators are used for high-traffic, frequently accessed sites, such as airports, parking lots, or office buildings.

    • Swing Gate Operators
      Swing operators are used when a gate (or two gates) open inward or outward away from a wall.

    • High Cycle Trolley Gate Operators
      High cycle trolley operators are designed for use on high-traffic gates and low-profile applications.

    • Gate Operator Accessories
      Chamberlain® gate operator accessories are designed to fit all applications. We offer gate hardware, pedestals, loops and loop detectors, vehicle detection systems, gate locks, fire access boxes, and more.

  • Access Control Systems and Accessories
    • Telephone Entry Systems
      Telephone entry systems help manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through the premises of a specific location. Our systems are ideal for controlling access to gated communities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, and apartment and condominium buildings.

    • Radio Controls
      Radio controls help manage the flow of vehicles and personnel through a gated entrance or a door. We offer a wide variety of choices for numerous situations, including stand-alone systems, and transmitters and receivers.

    • Perimeter Alert Systems
      LiftMaster's perimeter alert systems alert you when movement is detected and can be tailored to fit almost any security or perimeter protection situation, making them great for homes or businesses.

    • Access Controls, Cards and Readers
      Access controls manage who can go where and when in gated communities, commercial buildings, and other similar settings. LiftMaster® systems provide you with options to help your customers conveniently manage every access point on their property.

  • Wireless Portable Intercoms
    • Indoor/Outdoor Home Communication
      Enhance your home's communication to multiple locations with LiftMaster's wireless portable intercoms. Each system features up to two years of battery life and 1,000 feet of range.

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